This musician summed up everything that’s wrong with Brexit in just 4 sentences
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We’re in a global pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period is looming.

In steps a pop star to say what a lot of people are thinking.

Yungblud has been commended for a tweet saying it is a "grave error" for the country to leave the European Union in the middle of what he described as an international crisis.

The singer, whose real name is Dominic Richard Harrison, called on the government to extend talks with the EU and claimed the UK will "legitimately run out of food".

In the tweet, the 23-year-old pop-rock artist from South Yorkshire asserted that Brexit was a mistake.

He also rallied his followers, adding: “We need to stay together right now not be divided."

Yungblud scored his first UK number one album earlier this month with Weird!

Messages of support from fans soon followed on social media after he posted his anti-Brexit statement, with some sharing his concerns and applauding him for speaking up.

Other users applauded him for speaking up.

With just days to go to strike a deal, we have to wait and see if Yungblud’s calls will be headed.

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