This photographer has created a stunning series of owl portraits

Nature photographer Brad Wilson has created a stunning series of owl portraits following a project that took two years to finish.

Wilson, who has a wide-ranging portfolio of enchanting animal portraits, told he was particularly "captivated by [the owls'] compelling beauty and the haunting, other-worldly qualities they seem to possess".

Northern pygmy owl

As humans, we have been fascinated with them for millennia - they appear frequently in our stories and our myths dating back to the ancient Greeks and before. In some small way, I wanted a chance to add my voice to this rich and enduring legacy.

This project started after the New Mexico-based photographer approached a nearby sanctuary and rehabilitation centre for birds of prey who agreed to let him work with the animals.

Spectacled owl

I photographed a large number of birds in New Mexico, Missouri, and California for about two years. In general, I only got to work with each animal for an hour or less, so I tried to bring in four or five over the course of a day - wherever I happened to be.

He told that this was his favourite project to date and that the experience with each owl is "profound in the moment and resonates long after it ends".

You can see more of Wilson's work on his website, in his book or at the Doinel Gallery in London.

Barn owl

Burrowing owl

Eastern screech owl

Eurasian eagle owl

Flammulated owl

Great horned owl

Long-eared owl

All images published with kind permission of the photographer.

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