This radio presenter dealt perfectly with a caller who described gay people as 'disgusting'


On Friday the radio presenter and former Conservative candidate Iain Dale shot down a homophobic caller during a phone-in discussion about religion and modern values.

Calling into the show, 'Theresa from Motherwell' explained her views of homosexuality as a sin.

Dale gleefully let the caller know she was speaking to a homosexual.

The caller, 'Theresa from Motherwell' replied.

Oh well, God's got infinite oceans of mercy for the repentant. It's the most unnatural vice and the sodom that God destroyed it for.

She then said:

Animals don't even carry on like that.

Dale pointed out that, yes, animals do.

Theresa disagreed. Obviously Dale was lying.

Why do you have to resort to that? That's disgusting. There's a hatred there. There's no love.

Dale quietly repeats the phrase 'There's a hatred'. This is the moment he decided to go full Bartlett.

Well I'm detecting a bit of a hatred from you.

Theresa again mentions this 'ocean of mercy' that God has, and suggests Dale can repent and lead a good life. Dale responds:

But I do lead a good life and I don't repent what I am because I was born what I am.

She attributes his sexuality to lack of belief. Dale is bemused.

So I'm gay because I don't pray? Quite snappy...So why aren't all atheists gay?


Dale goes on to ask:

Why would anyone choose to do that? When you know if you are gay you're going to come up against obstacles in society? When you know you're going to be discriminated against. If you're in school you might well get bullied. Actually if you're not school you might get bullied. Why would anyone choose to go down that road?

Theresa says that's what she would like to know.

I didn't choose to go down that road. I was born the way I am. I don't regret the way I am, because I can't change the way I am, and even if I could I wouldn't.

You can see the entire clip on the LBC website.

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