This Republican smacked down a high profile Donald Trump supporter for some outrageous hypocrisy

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A Republican strategist and political pundit smacked down a Donald Trump supporter for her outrageous hypocrisy in a live debate.

The revelation regarding the recording of Donald Trump's conversation with Billy Bush in 2005, and his use of the word 'p***y' has outraged many, and forced his spin doctors into melt down.

On Friday evening during a classic CNN set-to, viewers were treated to an excellent example of a smack down by ABC commentator and Republican Party strategist Ana Navarro.

The panel were discussing the 'Trump Tapes' saga, when suddenly Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes asked Navarro to stop repeating the word 'p***y'.

The argument began when Navarro called on her fellow Republicans to disown Trump:

Every single Republican is going to have to ask themselves, 'What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a woman's p***y?'

Her decision to invoke the JFK assassination is testament to her revulsion.


Nell Hughes then interrupted, and admonished Navarro for saying 'p***y'.

Please stop saying that word, my daughter is listening

The blatant hypocrisy was too much for Navarro, who lost her cool and began yelling.

Don't tell me that you're offended when I say it but you're not offended when Donald Trump says it. I'm not running for President, he is.

Nell Hughes, speaking over Navarro said.

I am very offended by you saying that word over and over on this, yes. And I said I would stand by Donald Trump

Navarro, with plenty left in the chamber, fired back

Don't act outraged and offended when I say the word that you're not offended by the man you are supporting is saying. That is just absurd

Nell Hughes then countered that she was also offended by Trump saying 'p***y'.

People have been loving Navarro's reaction, and the crushing of Trump's defenders over 'TrumpTape'.

In particular, Navarro's expression at the end of the alteraction, which just resonates 'VICTORY', was really quite something.

See the full clip here:

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