Thorne Travel has created the best worst advert you will ever see

This video was brought to our attention by writer Graham Linehan, who correctly describes it as the unicorn chaser to all the dark and horrible news stories we've been witnessing lately.

The three-minute clip is for Thorne Travel, the independent travel agency for the Ayrshire region.

And it's full-on magnificent.

For no apparent reason stuff like this happens.

Just look at that man innocently trying to withdraw some cash from the ATM.


Things get stranger.

And apparently if you go on holiday you are basically guaranteed to get married.

This happened.

And this Mickey Mouse walk of course isn't creepy at all.

But who cares? Street party!

Wait, was that a stunt double somersault?

Welcome to the rest of your life. Welcome to Thorne Travel.

As one person wrote on Thorne Travel agency's Facebook page:

Watch the whole thing here:

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