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Tiffany Haddish admits that she flopped her New Years Eve stand-up routine, and Chrissy Teigen wants her to know it’s okay to fail at stuff sometimes – you’ve got to embrace it.

The author and Lip Sync Battle host revealed that she, too ‘bombed’ NYE with her tele-prompter lines.

Taking to Twitter to reassure her mate, she wrote:

I bombed last night too and all I had to do was read a prompter and also I lost an eyeball. F**k it we good and you are a queen.

The mother-of-two was referencing her appearance on NBC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, when she and Leslie Jones had attempted to hug hello in the rain. It didn’t work out as the pair planned, when Jones’s umbrella made contact with Teigen’s face. Well, her eye, specifically.

Teigen handled it with her typical class, though, and she wants Haddish to know that people make mistakes and it's ok.

Her tweet follows Haddish, who admitted she ‘bombed’ her performance after fans said she had forgotten her jokes and read off of an iPad. Eventually, a few fans had disliked her routine so much they left the show altogether.

In response, Tiffany cut her routine short and drank with her remaining fans.

‘Yes this happened,’ the 41-year-old tweeted alongside an article titled ‘Tiffany Haddish Bombs, Drinks with Fans Instead.'

I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happen again.

Fans thought the women handled their mistakes with grace

Supporting, rather than dragging, should be the mood we take into 2019...

This, basically:

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