Busker aims to ‘bring everybody together’ by sharing performances on TikTok

Buskers take to TikTok to showcase talents as high streets empty due to Covid-19
Buskers take to TikTok to showcase talents as high streets empty due to Covid-19

Buskers in the UK are filming their outdoor shows for TikTok meaning isolating audiences “can be there without being there”.

Emelie Hallett, who has been busking since September 2020, said street music “brings everybody together”, adding that sharing her performances to TikTok has helped her to reach a wider audience.

Ms Hallett, 19, told the PA news agency: “Everybody loves listening to music in the street … it brings everybody together.

“For a lot of people who can’t come out and see you in the street, TikTok is a nice way to see that in person.

“It’s like you can be there without being there.”

The hashtag #BuskTok is becoming an emerging trend as high street footfall was reduced throughout Covid-19 lockdowns, with more than 320 million video views now attributed to the trend.

One busker, 23-year-old Liv Harland from York landed a record deal after posting her busking journey on the social media site.

Ms Hallett, who lives in Winchester started performing for TikTok in her bedroom, taking her music to the streets once lockdown relaxed.

She told PA: “A lot of people will walk past and shout ‘I saw your TikTok!’.

She added that the busking community on TikTok is growing, with several creators meeting up to perform together.

“I’ve busked with so many people since having TikTok … it’s just incredible the amount of people you meet or just even speak to,” she said.

“Everybody is so kind, we’re always supporting each other because we’ve seen each other’s videos.”


Ms Hallett said she will continue to both busk in person and post her performances to TikTok once Covid-19 restrictions in England relax on Monday.

She told PA: “I feel like the streets are going to be a lot more packed, which means a lot more people will hear me.

“I’m actually really excited to meet new people as well.

“I think it (busking) is one of the best decisions I ever made … it’s just been such a nice way to meet new people, and build my confidence as well.

“It’s an amazing way to get yourself out there.”

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