TikTok influencer films man refusing to leave her alone
TikTok influencer films man refusing to leave her alone

A TikTok influencer has highlighted the harassment faced by many women by posting an unsettling video of a man following her while asking if she is a sex worker.

In the video, the woman - whose handle is @loreboree1 - appears to be walking around an apartment complex in Huntington Beach, California, as a stranger continues to follow her, despite her continually asking him to stop.

“You can film me all you want,” the man comments, as the woman speeds up her pace, while demanding he leave her alone. Even as she informs him she’s capturing his behavior on film, the man persists.


“Just talk to me for two minutes, and I’ll leave you alone,” he says.

The stranger then decides to take it a notch further, by commenting on the woman’s choice of clothing.

“Why do you dress like this?” he asks. “Are you a prostitute? I’m serious.”

“Sir, please leave me alone!” Loreboree1 demands.

While this encounter might seem unbelievable to some, it’s merely a reminder of the fundamental risks women continue to face for not having been born a man.

According to recent statistics from UN Women, 97% of young women in the UK have been sexually harassed at some point within their life. In addition, almost 9 in 10 women in different cities around the world feel unsafe in public spaces. This is yet another reminder that male violence seeps heavily into every major institution, resulting in subtle micro-protections women have conditioned into their daily routines.

In the comments, Loreboree1 mentioned she contacted the police and is currently pursuing a restraining order against the man.

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