Influencer mansion has power shut off because people wouldn’t stop partying

Influencer mansion has power shut off because people wouldn’t stop partying
Bryce Hall / Twitter / Instagram

A house of influencers wouldn’t stop partying – so the Mayor of Los Angeles cut off its power.

Bryce Hall, an influencer with over 6 million followers, threw a non socially distanced birthday party on August 14 at his house in Los Angeles. There were noise complaints, as well as complaints from other neighbours during the last couple of months. That event was shut down by the LAPD.

The house itself is rented by Hall, and two other TikTok stars – Noah Beck and Blake Grey – both of whom also have thousands of followers on the platform. On Wednesday of this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city of Los Angeles had cut power at their residence.

They were also warned three times about previous violations and still refused to comply with the bans on large gatherings.

Most of these TikTok mansions are populated by 17-22 year olds who make their income primarily through social media. Many other TikTok mansions have done the same thing – hosting large parties with no social distancing and no masks, which got themselves on the wrong sides of their neighbours.

Hall had posted images from the original party in mid-August on his Instagram account.

In a NYTimes article, neighbours laid out their complaints against the Sway House, which they say has had loud parties, loads of people visiting even during the height of the pandemic and a refusal to comply with the current regulations. When one neighbour had previously texted Hall about the noise, he replied by saying, “Aren’t you the babysitter?”

However, the party that Hall wanted to have still happened – just at a house that he had rented elsewhere, called the Sway House (another TikTok mansion).

A statement that Garcetti's office put on Wednesday said, ‘With more than 2,000 Angelenos — and over 170,000 Americans — lost to COVID-19, we need every resident to undertake critical safeguards to stop the spread of this virus. That includes not hosting or attending parties that put themselves, their neighbours, and many others at risk."

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