This Tiktok of a Starbucks customer hitting on a staff member has the strangest twist

A viral Tiktok of a woman hitting on a Starbucks drive-thru barista has ended in the most unexpected way.

The video originally left viewers under the impression that her (sort of inappropriate) advances had been hilariously shut down by a disinterested staff member.

It takes place in a takeaway scenario where she tries to get his attention by singing to him through her car window.

“Thank you for giving me this drink, you are pretty cute!”, sings Tiktok user Tanjewest as she pulls up to receive her coffee. Before she can even finish her approach the man in question slides his service window shut, deadpan in his reaction.

“Are you kidding me? He’s so rude”, replies the person accompanying her in the car.

However, it has since transpired that the video creator is in fact married to the person that served her, and that she was simply visiting him at work to mess around with him.

Tan originally doubled down on the joke by posting another Tiktok claiming she had got him fired for taking her on a date.

She was forced to explain herself after the content raised some discussions about the way service workers are utilised for internet content. Others found it pretty funny that her apparent advances were so harshly shut down.

Fast food workers and baristas are often at the receiving end of viral pranks from internet figures, and while some take it in jest it doesn’t always make for pleasant viewing when you’re reminded they are just trying to do their jobs.

However, the crucial missing context of this video changed things somewhat, as she explained in a comment.

No harassment to be seen here – she was just trying to liven up his work day with some theatrics. We could all use some of that.

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