These TikTok videos use rice to visualise just how wealthy the richest people on Earth are

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We are all aware of how rich the likes of Jeff Bezos but actually understanding how much money the wealthiest people on Earth actually have is only eye-opening once it is visualised.

To do this we're not going to show you literally piles of money but take you on a trip to TikTok to watch a man counting grains of rice. Yes, really. Please bear with us and we'll explain.

In a video made by YouTuber Humphrey Talks, he explains the gargantuan scale between a billion dollars and $100,000.

In the clip, Humphrey visualises this mass difference in wealth by assigning $100,000 to a single grain of rice that distributing that to represent each man's net worth.

Unsurprisingly, the results which took Humphrey 12 hours to figure out, are jaw-dropping.

This video has since become a viral tweet after a user compared it to the gulf in wealth between the Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders (net worth $2.5 million) and Mike Bloomberg (net worth $59.6 billion).

How about if we actually took a look at a visual representation of the amount of money that Jeff 'the richest man in the world' Bezos has, who has a staggering net worth of $121.3 billion.

This took a lot more rice than his previous experiment and the resulting $121bn weighed 58 pounds and was so deep Humphrey could stand a keyboard in it upright.

Humphrey did add that five families would be receiving the unused rice so it wasn't a complete waste. Good man.

If only Bezos was so generous.

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