The model who cleverly duped dozens of men into a massive Hunger Games-esque dating competition has refused to apologise for the stunt.

"I'm taking all the hits right now," Instagram model and actress Natasha Aponte said on Good Morning America.

It's funny because all of the negative that I'm getting from these guys - [they] are still in my inboxes trying to date me.

Aponte's stunt made headlines after she invited dozens of men to Union Square in New York, only to blind side them by announcing they were all going to compete to win a date with her.

She made a point to turn most of them away for arbitrary reasons like height, having a beard, or being called Jimmy.

Aponte finally revealed that the whole scheme was made with 'viral video' marketer Rob Bliss.

The two of them billed it as a social experiment to try and highlight the problem with online dating and the absurd criteria people ask for in a partner.

Rob Bliss also spoke on Good Morning America, explaining: "It's kind of become socially acceptable to disqualify people and say, like, you have to be x height, you have to work x job."

The result is a video titled 'The Tinder Trap', which shows how they set up the entire thing.

In the video they explain how they paid "overseas workers" to flirt on Natasha's behalf with 7,500 men and how the plan was two years in the making.

During the 'interview' process of potential suits, one man grabs the mic from her.

"Excuse me," he shouts, "this sh*t you just did right here, pulled a stunt on all these men who had stuff to do? It’s f*ked up. You know it’s f*ked up!”.

This response, according to Aponte, proves how bad online dating apps like Tinder are.

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