Viewers spotted a very awkward bitcoin detail in Tom Brady's crypto commercial

Viewers spotted a very awkward bitcoin detail in Tom Brady's crypto commercial
Tom Brady's crypto commercial

Crypto is all the rage at the moment, and multiple celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.

Tom Brady is a known fan, but it was his commercial for a crypto trading app that raised eyebrows at the weekend.

The spot for FTX aired during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' match against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday evening, but some viewers were distracted by one slightly awkward image.

The commercial, which originally aired in the fall of 2021, includes a graph of the current price of Bitcoin - sitting nearly 40% higher than its current price, which recently plummeted.

Viewers took to social media to point out the obvious error. Despite the commercial originally first airing just a few months ago, the lack of consistency in Bitcoin's trading price is a testament to cryptocurrency's volatility.

Since crypto is not regulated, the price fluctuates greatly based on supply and demand by investors. This means commercials, like the one featuring Brady, can quickly become out of date.

One person recommended future advertisements be updated before airing.

Brady is not the only sports star to take interest in crypto. Other athletes like Steph Curry, Floyd Mayweather and Lionel Messi have invested in cryptocurrency.

The sports world and crypto world are closely connected. According to the Morning Consult, sports fans are twice as likely to say they're familiar with cryptocurrency. This is partially due because about two-thirds of cryptocurrency investors are men.

Brady's got the target marked locked down, next he just needs the right information in the commercial.

Crypto is a bit like the wild west at the moment - last year a startup let people bet on Britney Spears' conservatorship, meanwhile ex-Trump aide Candace Owens is promoting a 'Let's Go Brandon' crypto coin.

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