People declaring Tom Brady the ‘greatest athlete of all time’ reminded of the existence of Serena Williams

Tom Brady’s latest Super Bowl win has reignited conversations about who people believe is the greatest athlete of all time.

The NFL quarterback secured his seventh Super Bowl last night.

Even for those who don’t know what exactly a quarterback does, he made the whole thing look incredibly easy and received his fifth MVP title.

Twitter was celebratory, with lots of declarations that this surely makes him the greatest athlete of all time.

But some people don’t think it adds up, when you place his achievements in the wider context of other sports.

Specifically sports where women excel, but are often pushed out of discussions on athletic credibility.

The sentiment appeared to disgruntle fans of Serena Williams so much she actually started trending worldwide.

Everyone’s opinion is going to differ based on what sport they like, but the stats don’t lie – with 23 Grand Slam wins she is up there with the GOATs.

In fact, it's three more than her closest male counterpart Roger Federer. It's more than we can fathom.

The pair are way less interested in being pitted against each other, and have often been complimentary about their respective trajectories as athletes.

In a press conference ahead of the Australia Open she cited him as an ‘inspiration” for staying on top as she approaches 40.

She also argued that age is becoming less of an issue when it comes to sustaining a great career in sport.

People hope this competition will be her chance to equal 1960s tennis superstar Margaret Court's record of 24 wins.

Now is probably a good time to remind you that she won her last Grand Slam in 2017, while pregnant with her daughter, Olympia.

People perceived the oversight as a clear example of sexism and subconscious bias against women athletes.

The Super Bowl and this month's open are some of the few major sports evens fans get to escape some of the ills of our global situation.

This much is clear – both athletes are still at the top of their game.

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