Tomi Lahren got owned on Twitter after claiming the left makes up the ‘narrative’ to suit them

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Tomi Lahren has gone and done it again, she's accused the Left of something the Right does on an extremely regular basis, and she's been dog walked.

Taking to Twitter, she made the claim:

If it makes the narrative better, just make it up.

Sincerely, The Left

Lahren, a Fox Nation host, didn't pin her statement to anything in particular. However, many people on Twitter took exception to the tweet, focusing on the fact that the Right, and the Trump administration, appears to do just that on an extremely regular basis.

Pot calling kettle black?

In a report at the end of 2018 from the Washington Post's fact checker team, it was revealed that Donald Trump told more than 5,600 untruths in 2018, averaging 15 a day, and significantly beating his total of 1,989 lies that he told in his first year in office.

Fake news, anyone?

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