Tommy Robinson: Far-right activist released from jail, and the internet isn't happy

Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been released from prison on bail after winning an appeal about a contempt of court finding.

The far-right figurehead, from Luton, admitted the charge, and was jailed in May for filming outside Leeds Crown Court during a trial. He was released on 1 August from Onley Prison, near Rugby, from his 13-month sentence, after a judge ruled that the case be re-heard due to technical errors by the judge who jailed him, saying it was a 'fundamentally flawed process'.

While in jail, The Independentreported that the far-right figurehead's support grew on social media internationally, and that he even received gifts of up to Β£20,000 in Bitcoin. Others, however, were not thrilled at the news.

Some reminded people why he was first convicted.

Some were shocked by the BBC's coverage.

Others couldn't believe it was being given air time at all.

Some went to town, calling the far right figurehead 'a racist'.

Others thought he 'stands up for what he believes in'.

Many others, however, were pretty despairing.

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