Tony Blair has done something that doesn't undermine Ed Miliband

Tony Blair has donated £106,000 to the Labour Party, giving £1,000 to the campaigns in its 106 target seats.

The former Prime Minister, who has criticised Ed Miliband’s strategy, wants to rally behind the Labour leader as the May election approaches. He is expected to make a public appeal for people to vote Labour but is not likely to share a platform with Mr Miliband.

In a letter to candidates in the battleground seats, Mr Blair said:

This is where the election will be won for Labour and that is why I am making a donation to all 106 campaigns. As one of our key seat candidates you know better than most the scale of the challenge we face, but I have every confidence that with your drive, determination and organisational skills, you will deliver a successful local campaign that will also see our party returned to government.

It is believed to be Mr Blair’s biggest donation to his party. He gave £6,000 in 2009 and 2012 and provided staff support worth £76,000 in 2010.

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