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An amusing Tony Blair quote regarding Jeremy Corbyn's leadership prospects has resurfaced.

In his column on Wednesday, Joe Murphy, political editor of the Evening Standard, quoted an interview with Tony Blair he'd conducted in 1996 in which Blair said:

You really don't have to worry about Jeremy Corbyn suddenly taking over - I know everything that's going on in his constituency party

Murphy told indy100 the interview was for the Mail on Sunday. Blair, a modernising leader with a general election looming on the horizon, was discussing whether or not New Labour was robust enough to keep the old left in its place. Murphy asked Blair about the perceived danger that the country would elect New Labour but the old Left would then take over the party.

Thus, Blair's now ridiculous suggestion that the Member for Islington North might one day follow in his footsteps.

In 1996, Corbyn was a marginal figure in the party, much less well known as a member of the Labour left than Tony Benn or Dennis Skinner. Corbyn was therefore both an obscure and so amusing choice, and also why it never made it into the Mail on Sunday interview.

Its resurfacing days before Corbyn is expected to win the 2016 leadership election is slightly unfortunate for Blair.

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