Swimmer ‘completely elated’ after finishing 365 swims for seal charity

Allie Dart completing her 365th swim (Allie Dart/Cornish Seal Sanctuary/PA)
Allie Dart completing her 365th swim (Allie Dart/Cornish Seal Sanctuary/PA)

A swimmer has said she feels “completed elated” after finishing 365 swims to raise money for a seal charity.

Allie Dart, from Torbay completed her 365th swim on October 31 to raise money for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which was struggling financially during the pandemic.

“I just feel completely elated. When I started doing my swims, I never realised how many incredible people from the community would join in,” she said.

“I’m so thankful to everyone that has supported me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to have raised £3055 for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.”

Allie Dart celebrating completing her 365th swim with her local community (Allie Dart/Cornish Seal Sanctuary/PA).

Since October 2020, Ms Dart has swum 113 miles, which is the equivalent of swimming the English Channel five and a half times.

She kicked off her challenge with a swim one year ago, off Paignton Beach.

Allie Dart with a seal (Allie Dart/Cornish Seal Sanctuary/PA).

The keen surfer and paddle-boarder said: “I think one of my favourite swims was actually Boxing Day, as a seal pup joined us.

“It really reminded me of the reason why I’m doing my swims and it was just such a magical experience.”

Allie Dart (Allie Dart/Cornish Seal Sanctuary/PA).

She has been joined by fellow swimmers and surfers over the months, while members of the community gathered to help her mark the end of the challenge.

Ms Dart will be at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on November 2 at 12pm to meet some of the seals she has fundraised for.

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