On Tuesday, Boris Johnson spoke at Exeter College in Devon where he presented the Tories Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which aims to train those who might have missed out on certain opportunities in the past.

This speech also saw the government unveil a new slogan that reads 'Build Back Better.'

Suffice to say it didn't go down too well on social media.

However, if you search for 'build back better' on Twitter you will see a lot of tweets from the likes of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi that uses the exact same phrase.

So, what on earth is going on?

Well, as it turns out neither the Tories nor the Democrats came up with this phrase.

It appears to have been something first envisioned during the 2015 UN conference in Japan when the Japanese delegation used that exact slogan.

It was eventually endorsed and incorporated by the UN General Assembly as an ideology to support and restore local infrastructure, culture and the environment. There is even a Wikipedia page for the slogan.

As the BBC's economics editor pointed out in a Twitter thread that everyone from Justin Trudeau to Keir Starmer has used this exact phrasing in very recent speeches and tweets.

Although the phrase has only been around for five years it already appears to have been overused to the point of tedium. Maybe it's a sign that we need to hit refresh on these tokenistic slogans once and for all.

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