Meteorologist received death threats for issuing tornado warnings during Masters golf tournament

Meteorologist received death threats for issuing tornado warnings during Masters golf tournament

CBS meteorologist Ella Dorsey interrupted the Masters Golf tournament streaming on the television news station to provide updated information about a tornado.

As a result, she and her network received “thousands” of abusive messages, including death threats from golf fans who did not appreciate it.

Dorsey was not phased, and she took to Twitter and later the news station, to address them. “To everyone sending me death threats right now: you wouldn’t be saying a damn thing if a tornado was ravaging your home this afternoon.”

Lives are more important than 5 minutes of golf. I will continue to repeat that if and when we cut into programming to keep people safe.

Dorsey wasn’t done.

Taking to the network one day later, she addressed it again – and she didn’t mince her words.

“A lot of people who wanted to see the final round of the Masters could still watch that final round,” she began.

We were on for about 10 to 12 minutes and in that time, the thousands of hateful emails, and phone calls, and Facebook messages, and tweets that Jennifer and I and the CBS46 newsroom received is unacceptable. 

Here at CBS46 News our number one priority is to keep you all safe. It is the utmost thing we try to do here. 

In the future, that’s what we will continue to do.

We – especially when there is severe weather – want to bring you the most updated information – so in the future, regardless of what is on programming when there is a tornado warning – especially when there is a tornado warning in metro Atlanta, you can turn on CBS46 we will absolutely be on, we will cut over any programming to keep you at home, safe.

People online praised her dedication to keeping her viewers safe

And condemned those sending her death threats and offensive messages.

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