The Tory leadership contest is in full swing.

We’re over a week into the contest, with ten MPs competing to take over from Theresa May and likely have their careers impaled by Brexit. Oh what fun!

Tory grandee Boris Johnson officially launched his campaign yesterday. Though over the course of the campaign, the past actions and comments of many of the hopefuls have resurfaced.

Michael Gove has been grilled for admitting his past use of cocaine, Esther McVey and Lorraine Kelly are mortal enemies and Dominic Raab has been criticised for his past comments on gender pay equality. It's been eventful.

Johnson has also faced (and dodged) questions about his alleged drug use.

But it's resurfaced comments he made in a newspaper column for The Telegraph about Muslim women that are garnering the most attention. At the time Johnson compared Muslim women who wear the Burqa to “letterboxes”, and was widely criticised for being "Islamophobic”. His remarks were also correlated with a rise in violent crime against Muslim women.

Those critics of Johnson have now been rebuked by one of his chief supporters: Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg who has stepped forward to brand the people that offended as "snowflakes."

People weren't were quite rightly a little bit annoyed about Rees-Mogg mocking them for being offended by something they perceived as racist.

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