Following their double dose of 'Jeremy Corbyn chicken' on Friday you would have thought that the Conservatives would have had enough of memes for the week.

Yet, judging by their official Twitter on Friday evening that doesn't appear to have been the case in the slightest as they came up with a fresh way to attack the Labour party's Brexit strategy.

The meme attempted to sway voters by showing the two parties' opposing approaches to Brexit with the Tories taking a relatively straight forward route, while Labour seems to be riddled with confusion and delays.

However, considering the Conservatives have been in power for the entirety of the Brexit process and the UK is still let to leave the European Union, the meme was virtually asking to be scrutinised by critics of the government and those opposed to Brexit, with many people making their own.

Yes, people were more than happy to remind them that they are still in government. and could have probably avoided this entire mess themselves.

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