In what can only be described as the sweetest TikTok to ever exist, a group of school students surprised their transgender friend with a legal name change.

One friend led newly-turned 18-year-old Andi Bernabe into a big room full of his classmates, gifting him with a star-shaped silver balloon upon entry.

As soon as he walks in, a whole group of people shout 'Surprise!' and Andi's clearly visibly shocked.

The group started singing happy birthday as the captions to the video stated:

They've been planning this for a month. You're abt to see why.

One friend then walked over and explained they'd all raised money to help Andi change his legal name since turning 18 years old.

And his reaction is absolutely priceless:

At the time of writing, the video has more than 940,000 likes and was then posted to Twitter, which got almost 550,000 likes.

Andi came out as trans two years ago and his friends have been supportive ever since.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about the surprise, he said:

It just made me feel so happy, overwhelmed. I couldn't believe it, I really couldn't. My friends are phenomenal honestly. Since day one it's just been constant support.

What a beautiful moment.

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