Just 13 per cent of Conservative voters agree with Theresa May's transgender policy, poll finds

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Just over one in ten Conservative voters agree with the government's proposed changes to the way that transgender people can legally change their gender, a poll has found.

Theresa May vowed to reform the Gender Recognition Act at the PinkNews Awards in October 2017, in order to reflect that "being trans is not an illness", with plans including the removal of bureaucratic stoppages within the process of changing a person's gender on their birth certificate.

But a new poll for PinkNews found that only 18 per cent of voters, and 13 per cent of Conservative voters, agree with updating the Gender Recognition Act to reflect more informed attitudes towards being transgender.

At present, anyone wishing to transition must demonstrate they have lived as that gender for two years, and secure the confirmation of a doctor specialising in gender dysphoria. But the government is setting out to simplify the process for trans people, forgoing the need to provide medical evidence or proof.

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