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The ‘world’s loneliest duck’ has been killed – there is no God.

Trevor the Duck was a bit of a local celebrity on the island of Niue for being the only bird of his kind on the tiny South Pacific nation.

Over the weekend, reports came through that his life had been tragically cut short.

He was found “dead in the bush after being attacked by dogs,” according to his Facebook page.

No-one knows exactly how Trevor got to the island but he arrived in January 2018 after a big storm and decided to stick around.

Rae Findlay, the person behind Trevor’s Facebook page, told the BBC that as there were no rivers, streams or lakes on Niue, he took to living in a large puddle.

Here’s a video of Trevor during happier times.

Tributes soon poured in for the duck, who was popular with locals who regularly checked on him and other birds who lived near the puddle.

Findlay told the BBC:

The rooster, chicken and veka [a native bird to Niue] were looking a little forlorn today wandering around the near dry puddle

After a year driving around with a bag of oats in my car I will miss the stops on the way to and from work to feed Trevor. He captured many hearts and he will definitely be missed.

He even got a shout-out from his namesake, New Zealand politician Trevor Mallard.

RIP Trevor, gone too soon.

You will forever be in our hearts.

HT: BBC News

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