Chef's Quick Tip: Mimosas

Beverage company Tropicana Products released something for mimosa drinkers who want the tiniest amount of orange juice in their glass - a spray-top bottle.

The brand is introducing the “Tropicana Mimosa Maker,” a limited-edition device set to make the orange juice and champagne drinks associated with brunch much easier to concoct.

The device is a 12-oz spray bottle that can spray just the right amount of orange juice into your glass.

The spray bottle also has three settings, with “whisper” as its lowest, “spritz” as its medium tier, and “shower” as its third.

This means the drinker can have a mimosa with a little to a lot of orange juice.

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Tropicana also said that this spray bottle comes in a mimosa kit that includes a bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium Original orange juice without pulp, two glasses, and two sustainableTropicana red and white striped paper straws.

The Tropicana Mimosa Maker kitTropicana

Tropicana Mimosa Maker is a finely-tuned OJ sprayer designed to give any mimosa the perfect touch of Trop,” Tropicana wrote on its website.

“Whether you like your mimosa citrusy, champagne-y, or somewhere in between, you can now make it perfectly.”

“Whether you like your mimosa citrusy, champagne-y, or somewhere in between, you can now make it perfectly.”Tropicana

If you are interested and are 21 years of age or older, visit from 6 November to 10 November to grab hold of the mimosa mixer amid the company’s sweepstakes.

The history of mimosas is often debated.

However, many say it was first created in 1925 by bartender Frank Meier at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

His drink consisted of the same ratio of orange juice and champagne.

Still, Meier’s cocktail wasn’t the first to contain these ingredients.

In 1921, the Buck’s Fizz cocktail was created at Buck’s Club in London.

This drink calls for twice the amount of champagne than juice, making it boozier.

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