Trump 'fist pumps' arriving at 9/11 memorial service

Trump 'fist pumps' arriving at 9/11 memorial service

As Americans gather each year on 11 September to mourn the anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in US history, they look to the president to capture the mood of the nation.

Well, normally that is true. President Trump, however, has an uncanny ability to misjudge responses to even the most solemn of tragedies.

As he arrived in Pennsylvania to attend a memorial service to the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks on 11 September, 2001, he gave an absolutely tone-deaf gesture, pumping both of his fists in the air with a perplexing facial expression. Despite the many civilian deaths and hundreds of fire fighters and rescue people sacrificing their lives, his body language looked almost celebratory.

Social media users were quick to mock Trump’s behaviour, which has been described as “disrespectful” and “perplexing”.

Though perhaps Trump’s reaction is hardly surprising, given that this clip is circulating which appears to show him talking about how his building was now the tallest in New York's Manhattan following the tragedy in 2001.


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