Outrage as Trump campaign posts fake newspaper headline to try to discredit Biden election win

Outrage as Trump campaign posts fake newspaper headline to try to discredit Biden election win
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No, The Washington Times didn't prematurely call the election for Al Gore in 2000, despite what Trump supporters want you to think.

A doctored photo of a newspaper headline reading 'President Gore' has been circulating online as Trump supporters try to prove it isn't all over for their candidate yet. The implication behind the image is that the media can call an election incorrectly before every last vote is counted: Al Gore eventually lost to George Bush after a tight race and a legal dispute.

But the image is fake.

And even though votes are still being counted in parts of Georgia and North Carolina, Biden's lead is already significant enough for him to be definitively declared president elect of the United States. No matter what Trump, his campaign or his most ardent supporters might think.

One of the people who shared the doctored photo was Trump's director of communications, Timothy Murtaugh. In trying to prove that the mainstream media is "fake news" for declaring a Biden victory, he helped a fake image spread like wildfire through certain sections of the internet.

The real image shows the paper declaring Bush's victory.

Someone even unearthed a print copy to prove it.

The Washington Times also confirmed that they never ran the headline – and that they told Murtaugh as much.

Murtaugh has since deleted his tweet.

Gore was never declared the 2000 election's winner, despite running a much tighter race than Trump and Biden. He even won the popular vote.

Denial is widely regarded to be the first stage of grief.

But it's time Trump and his administration accepted their loss.

Because their baseless cries of "fraud" and "fake news" are frankly just beginning to look a little pathetic now.

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