'I LOVE TEXAS!': Trump tweet accused of 'condoning mob violence' after 'armed supporters' target Biden bus

'I LOVE TEXAS!': Trump tweet accused of 'condoning mob violence' after 'armed supporters' target Biden bus

Donald Trump has sparked shock and outrage in his latest Twitter outburst appearing to endorse tactics from his supporters which have been described as an act of violence and intimidation.

Last night, a Biden/Harris campaign event was cancelled after the bus was surrounded by pro-Trump vehicles on a highway in what appeared to be an attempt to run the bus off the road.

Many onlookers, including Democratic state representative Rafael Anchía, alleged that some of the Trump supporters surrounding the bus were armed.

One observer, Dr. Eric Cervini, chronicled the events on Twitter, referring to them as "Nazi tactics" and saying he had to call 911, but claimed that armed Trump supporters outnumbered police.

He also echoed many people's fears that things could get worse after the election.

Trump, meanwhile, seemed to have a different take, tweeting out a video of the pro-Trump trucks surrounding the Biden bus to the tune of Tech N9ne's 'Red Kingdom', which has been used on social media platforms such as TikTok by Republican activists, despite the fact that that its singer is a Black Lives Matter activist celebrating a local sports team.

The president, instead of condemning what many have classed as an act of "domestic terrorism" from his supporters, seemed to endorse it, captioning the video "I LOVE TEXAS!"

Even by Trump's standards, people found this pretty shocking.

Texas has become a crucial state for both candidates. While it typically leans Republican, polls have shown only a narrow lead for Trump so far.

With 38 electoral college votes, winning the state holds a huge amount of power. If Biden were to flip it, it would signify a huge win for the Democrats and could lead to a landslide victory.

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