Trump just claimed he's 'done more' for black Americans than 'any president in US history'
(Chip Somodevilla Getty Images 2020)

President Trump has just claimed that he has done more for "our black population" than any other US president "in history", with the "possible exception" of Abraham Lincoln.

Yes really.

While protesters fighting for racial equality are being tear gassed, shot at with rubber bullets, literally murdered, brutalised and profiled by police, this is what the president just tweeted.

So far this week he's called protesters "thugs" on multiple occasions, he's threatened to bring in the military, shoot protesters and forced them our of his way so that he can get a picture with a bible.

Not to mention a history of racist statements and actions spanning decades.

Now, he's decided that the opposite of what is true is, in fact, the truth.

In an attempt to attack Joe Biden, who is beating him in the most recent polls, he appears to be trying to discredit his opponent, who is known for being popular with black and Latinx Democratic voters.

While it's true that Biden was involved the controversial 1994 Crime Bill, which was is in part to blame for mass incarceration and draconian police practices which disproportionately affect black people, it's something he has been outspoken about, stating he regrets the measure, which was a "big mistake" and "trapped an entire generation of black Americans".

The African American vote is crucial for Biden, who leant heavily on the support of black voters particularly in the southers states to gain support over his opponents during the Democratic primary.

Whether Trump is aware enough to realise this or he's just off on another rant is anyone's guess.

As for the "POSSIBLE" exception of Abraham Lincoln... that would be the same Lincoln who fought a four-year civil war in order to change the constitution and outlaw slavery.

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