Trump team ridiculed for bizarre claim that concede 'isn't in our vocabulary'

If you were wondering why the Trump campaign has still not conceded, its because the word apparently is not in their vocabulary.

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller told Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria that "concede" was 'not even in our vocabulary right now".

President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential election after being projected to win Pennslyvania on Saturday and since then many have wondered why the current president is yet to admit defeat.

But, if ‘concede’ is not used in the Trump campaign, what words are?

Some people had answers:

And suggested a few other words they might not be familiar with:

As the Trump campaign files new lawsuits into the validity of the election results, despite a lack of evidence of voter tampering, media outlets are forced to cut the president’s team off for encouraging what is a dangerous and unfounded claim.

While the president continues to tweet about new vaccine developments and the success of the stock market, we at least know that his vocabulary has, not even slightly, changed.

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