According to Trump's own logic Joe Biden has won by a 'landslide'

According to Trump's own logic Joe Biden has won by a 'landslide'

All of the states have now finished counting in the US election and Joe Biden has won by 306 electoral college votes to Trump's 232.

Biden surpassed the 270 points needed to become president-elect last Saturday after he was projected to win the state of Pennsylvania.

However, due to the overwhelming about of mail-in ballots that were sent this year because of the pandemic, some states such as Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Arizona have only just finished counting.

Barring a major shift in any recounts (which is unlikely) and the Trump campaign actually managing to produce any substantial evidence of voter fraud this result should stay the same.

Although many are elated that Trump will soon be leaving the White House, whether he likes it or not, this result might not have been the landslide that Democrats were hoping for.

In fact, Trump overperformed in many states and even surpassed the popular vote that he achieved in 2016 but was still short of the number of people that voted for Biden, who has now received more votes than any presidential candidate ever.

However, if this was Trump this would be seen as a landslide win. Take for instance this resurfaced tweet from Trump's former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who called the exact same result in 2016 a 'landslide, blowout, historic.'

This tweet has since been shared many, many times in the past few days as many couldn't help be appreciate the irony of calling an election win a landslide when it really wasn't, especially when he resoundingly lost the popular vote.

It was also pointed out that Trump actually ended up on 304 electoral college votes after having two deducted because of 'faithless electors'.

Things get better though as even Trump had called a 306 vote win a landslide. The president tweeted 'landslide' several times after the 2016 election to brag about his achievement.

In fact, he even said for years after the election that it was a landslide, repeating the line as recently as November 2019. You can see them all here thanks to this handy compilation from CNN's Andrew Kaczynski, who also provides a quote from Trump's press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on the topic of landslides.

Nobody from Biden's team is yet to claim their win was a landslide but we're sure they will take it.

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