Trump campaign labelled 'sub-human' for mocking Biden as he visited his son's grave

Trump campaign labelled 'sub-human' for mocking Biden as he visited his son's grave

It’s no secret that presidential candidate Joe Biden has experienced great losses in his life.

The tragic deaths of two of his children and his former wife is something that was referenced throughout the Democratic National Convention.

You might hope then, that everyone could give him a pass for not wanting to talk to the press while he visited their graves.

But one Trump staffer appeared to criticise Biden for “meandering along” when a reporter asked to speak to him while he was doing just that.

And the internet isn’t happy about it.

Activist Morgan Freeman (not the actor!) wrote in a tweet that Brennan is a “heartless cretin”.

Actor and Director Ken Olin, known for producing 'This Is Us', suggested that Biden visits his family’s graves every Sunday after church, and said that Brennan worked for a “vile piece of human excrement” referring to Trump.

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his own daughter in a school shooting was also very critical of Brennan, and called him a “sub-human life form”.

A former Trump supporter and veteran suggested the tweet said something about Trump supporters more broadly, writing “Cruelty is the MAGA way”. Writer and academic Dr Jen Gunther simply said “You are a ghoul”.

While writer and editor Josh Marshall called Brennan a “garbage human”.

Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s son, fought in the Iraq war and became the attorney general of Delaware. He died in 2015 of brain cancer. Neilia and Naomi Biden died in a car accident in 1972.

Let’s hope we see more compassion in politics as election day gets closer. But we won't get our hopes up.

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