Joe Biden launches website which can calculate how much more you pay in tax than Trump

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Donald Trump's reelection campaign has been rocked by a damaging report by the New York Timeswhich alleged how little tax the president has paid since being in office.

The Times detailed how Trump paid just $750 in tax in 2017, how he has exploited expenses to drive down his costs and how he ran for president to bolster his brand amid financial troubles.

Trump's only real response to the report has been to go on a rant on Twitter and claim that he was entitled to depreciation and tax credits. He's branded it "fake news".

While the president might protest his innocence, this story does fuel the fires of the Democrats and gives them even more material to mock Trump.

Sure enough, the Biden/Harris campaign have already launched a website that can calculate how much more in tax you paid that Trump in 2017.


The website only works in US dollars so you'll have to figure out what you would have paid in the United States three years which is a bit of a faff but still fun.

However, if you don't know what you would have paid the website does say that the average American pays $11,165.39 in tax every year meaning that they would have paid $10,415.39 more in tax than Trump and they make a point of stating that the POTUS is a 'billionaire.'

The website goes on to add:

Mad? Us too. Join our campaign to elect Joe Biden and make “billionaires” like Donald Trump pay their fair share.

This latest scandal comes on the eve of the first presidential debate which is due to take place on Tuesday evening in Cleveland, Ohio.

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