Trump 'congratulated' for finally admitting that Joe Biden won the election


It has been more than a week since the 2020 US election was declared as being won by Joe Biden but only now has Donald Trump admitted that the Democrats won.

Bidenwas projected as the winner on November 7 after numerous news outlets claimed that he had won the state of Pennsylvania, which pushed him over the 270 electoral college votes required to be named president-elect.

However, since then Trump has routinely claimed that he had won and that the Democrats committed electoral fraud in many key states that switched from the Republicans to the Democrats. So far, Trump's team have been unable to provide any evidence to backup these claims.

This brings us to the morning of November 15, where Trump, during a Twitter rant finally acknowledged that Biden had won, in a tweet where he claimed the election was 'rigged' because there were 'no vote watchers or observers allowed.'

Trump was retweeted a video from Fox News host Jesse Watters who was also pouting doubt on Biden's election win. Trump's tweet also nodded towards the Dominion conspiracy theory, which has already been debunked by Fox News.

The president's tweet has already been flagged by Twitter as a disputed claim but one thing that isn't disputed is him saying that Biden won, something that many were proud to see the POTUS finally recognise.

Whether this will actually be Trump's concession speech or not remains to be seen but as many have said this might be the best that we get from him.

If Trump does decide to write a transition letter to Biden when it's finally time for him to leave he'll have a long way to go to surpass some of the letters written by his predecessors in the White House.

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