On the day that another school shooting took place in America and a reported tax return showed that Donald Trump lost more than £1 billion in a ten-year period, the president seemed to be more focused on something else.

No, it wasn't the 2020 election or 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN' - it was fireworks. And not just any old fireworks, either...'BIG FIREWORKS' that will be fired into the skies surrounding Mount Rushmore on 4 July.

This bizarre tweet from the president was in reference to the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem announcing on 7 May, that a firework display will return to the historic site in 2020 after a series of meetings between the star and the US Department of the Interior.

We are excited and honoured to see fireworks return to our nation’s Shrine of Democracy. When the fireworks were previously held at Mount Rushmore, the show was beamed around the globe via satellite.

The entire world was able to view a celebration of our nation’s freedoms from the majestic memorial and the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

There is no more fitting place in all the nation to celebrate our democracy than from Mount Rushmore. We are grateful to President Trump and Interior Secretary Bernhardt for helping us make this happen.

We doubt anyone would begrudge the good people of South Dakota enjoying fireworks on Independence Day, but the timing and tone of Trump's tweet backfired on the president, with people reminding him of arguably more important issues that are currently happening in the US.

Others believed he was trying to cover up the story about his taxes.

Some just used it to ridicule Trump further.

HT The Hill

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