Trump complains 'bomb stuff' is to derail Republicans voting ahead of midterms

Trump complains 'bomb stuff' is to derail Republicans voting ahead of midterms

President Donald Trump’s presidency has been blighted by serious and chilling blunders.

From taking two days to condemn white supremacists following Charlottesville, to mocking alleged sexual assault survivor Dr Christine Blasey Ford, most people would think that there’s no way he could go any lower.

But, as has become the norm, they’d be wrong.

Following the news that Democratic Party politicians including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, alongside Trump critics including Robert De Niro and news network CNN, were targeted by postal explosives, the president took to Twitter to make the whole thing worse.

Following widespread criticism of Trump’s rhetoric towards the media and Democrats, who he has described as “enemies of the people”, Trump has pushed back.

Sometimes there’s a humorous angle on his bizarre Twitter rants. But his use of “bomb stuff” is downright sinister.

This follows a pattern among right-wing commentators and politicians. After school shootings in Florida and reports of family separations at the US border, right wing commentators have frequently pandered to conspiracy that the people affected are working as “crisis actors” to make republicans look bad.

Trump's reignition of this theory has taken the discussion to a scary place. Twitter users wasted no time in calling it out.

In the meantime, a man in Florida has reportedly been arrested in connection with the incident. So perhaps a motive for the attack will soon become clear.

Though one thing's for sure: Trump hasn't taken much notice of calls for "civility". We're shocked.

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