Outside of the Supreme Court, president Trump was met with loud booing while he paid respects to the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A widely-shared video shows the president, wearing a mask, looking into the distance while the crowds chant “vote him out”.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited justice Ginsburg’s casket to pay their respects to the former judge while she lies in repose at the top of the steps of the Supreme Court.

She will soon be set to lie in state at the US Capitol, the first woman to be given this honour.

The crowd, who booed and jeered at first, proceeded to chant “honour her wish”.

This is referring to Ginsburg’s dying wish for Trump not to fill her seat in the Supreme Court before the November election.

Trump, however, appears to be ignoring this wish and is set to announce his nominee for Supreme Court justice on Saturday.

It’s heavily rumoured to be Amy Coney Barrett, who would be another conservative voice on the court. This would alter the balance of the courts to six conservatives and three liberals.

This has angered Democrats and fans of ‘RBG’ – as she was commonly referred to – because Republicans refused to confirm Obama’s Supreme Court pick in his final year of the presidency.

This meant that Neil Gorsuch, a Trump-appointed nominee, was chosen instead.

It looks like the GOP now has the numbers, in theory, to confirm whoever Trump’s pick is.

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