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Donald Trump's re-election campaign team has been heavily criticised on social media after it released a T-shirt featuring a logo that was very similar to one used by the Nazi Party.

The new item in Trump official shop is called the 'America First Tee' and will cost anyone wishing to buy it $30. The white top features nothing more than a logo of an eagle above a circle of the US flag and the words: 'America First' and 'Trump 2020.' The description for the garment reads:

Show your support for re-electing President Donald J. Trump! Let everyone know who you are voting for in 2020.

We finally have a President that puts AMERICA first. America is strong again, safe again, GREAT again.

That's all well and good for Trump and his supporters but the president's merchandise team might have wanted to take another look at the logo before releasing the T-shirt as many were quick to point out that it is almost identical to Nazi's Reichsadler or Nazi eagle logo.

Although the eagle is a very common bird for American symbolism, the one used by Trump here is distinctly different to the one used in 1782 and can be found on dollar bills.

That particular illustration features an eagle with an olive branch in its right talon, representing peace, and a scroll in its left talon featuring the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum, which means "one out of many."

Trump's logo doesn't feature an eagle above a reef, but the similarities are quite concerning.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Trump's team was accused of using a Nazi logo as part of their campaign after they shared an image of a red triangle which was as a logo to identify political prisoners in concentration camps including Communists, Social Democrats, and Freemasons.

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