Trump criticised the US education system and Candace Owens face said everything

Trump criticised the US education system and Candace Owens face said everything

Former US president, Donald Trump recently took part in a sit-down interview with conservative commentator Candace Owens for The Daily Wire.

Naturally, most of the topic of conversation was about the pandemic and the Covid vaccines which the 45th POTUS championed much to the dismay of Owens - who has since dismissed Trump’s comments because he’s “not online.”

However, another part of the interview that has caught people’s attention is Trump’s comparison between the American and Chinese education systems.

While discussing the divisive topic of Covid restrictions in US schools, Trump admitted that he didn’t like seeing students wearing masks in class to which Owens likened to ‘China.’

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Trump seemed a little taken aback by Owens comment and retorted with: “China’s education system is a hell of a lot better than ours,” he quipped.

The 75-year-old then added: “You know what, they are rated two or three (in the world) and we are rated 44.” Trump’s unique stat prompted a startled look from Owens who couldn’t quite believe that she had just heard the MAGA president champion another country over his own.

This small moment from the interview has since gone viral with many struggling to not find Owens’s reaction hilarious as well as being floored by Trump trying to use an actual state.

Although you might find it amusing that Trump would be so critical of an education system that he presided over for four years it is hard to find any stats that support Trump’s comments.

According to the World Population Review, the United States actually has the best education system in the world, with China coming in at 22nd.

It’s hard to know where Trump got these figures from but there’s no doubting that it put a smile on a few people’s faces.

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