Trump bizarrely changes his answer about his favourite authors within seconds in resurfaced interview

Trump bizarrely changes his answer about his favourite authors within seconds in resurfaced interview

We all know that Donald Trump has an uncanny habit of changing his mind at a moment's notice but a resurfaced clip from 1987 shows him going back on his word just moments after admitting to something.

During an appearance on CNN's Crossfire program (Trump appearing on CNN? Absolute scenes), Trump, who then was just a celebrity businessman, is asked by host Pat Buchanan which authors he enjoys reading.

Trump declares that Tom Wolfe, who passed away in 2018, is one of his favourites, but admits that he is yet to read his acclaimed novel Bonfire of the Vanities, which was published in October 1987.

The satirical novel looks at the greed, racism, politics and social divisions that existed in 1980s New York and proved to be a huge hit that was later adapted into a movie, starring Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis.

Back to the interview and Trump admits that he is rereading his own book The Art of the Deal, but when he is really pressed on the subject of his favourite writers he once again names Tom Wolfe and cites his most recent novel as 'very good' and 'beautiful'.

Buchanan then tells him that Wolfe's most recent book is Bonfire of the Vanities, which prompts Trump to complain that he cannot hear while he is wearing the earphone that they have given to him.

This may have been the case or Trump may of gotten confused by Buchanan, who mispronounced the book's name calling it 'Vanity in the Bonfires', but anyone would have easily understood what he was trying to say.

Thanks to Now This, the clip has now resurfaced on Twitter and has been viewed more than 600,000 times in the space of just a few hours.

Although he loves writing his own Tweets, rumours have persisted for years that Trump struggles with reading and is borderline illiterate.

During a 2017 interview with Fox News, Megyn Kelly asks the president which books he is currently reading to which he replies:

Oh, no, it’s so long, because now I read passages. I read ― I read areas, I read chapters. I just ― I don’t have the time.

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