People are responding to Donald Trump's claim that 'collusion is not a crime'

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There’s honestly not a lot left to say about Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

It seems that everything he ever writes is destined to make headline news - from ‘covfefe’ to sassy takedowns of Meryl Streep, there’s a wealth of meme-worthy material which rarely escapes scrutiny.

But this morning’s misstep was more concerning.

Not only did he accuse (for approximately the millionth time) Hillary Clinton of collusion, he also made a factually dubious claim: that collusion is not a crime.

This information seemingly came courtesy of lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who also went viral this week for tweeting the word ‘you’.

Yes, really.

There’s a lot to unpack here: if collusion isn’t a crime, why is he so determined to crucify Clinton for it? Will the nickname ‘Crooked Clinton’ ever catch on? Is this just another example of the President trying to avoid accountability for his alleged ties to Russia by arguing that the whole investigation is based on nothing?

Apparently so.

Shortly after Trump tweeted, Global Newsstepped in to fact-check his claims.

Although their exploration of the law acknowledges that ‘election collusion’ actually isn’t a precise legal term, it goes on to unpack the allegations made against Trump and finds that, in the context of the ongoing FBI investigation, his reported collusion could definitely have legal consequences.

The article concludes:

In other words, ‘collusion’ might be shorthand. But if it relates to Russia and U.S. elections, it can still be very much against the law.

Now that’s cleared up, it’s time to look at the inevitable slew of hilarious responses that ensued.

Some made jokes about the president’s willingness to defend his own missteps whilst simultaneously placing blame on others.

Others made jokes linked to his recent claim that he would introduce tax cuts for the mega-rich, or just generally outlined his willingness to flip-flop on his statements.

Jokes aside, people were quick to point out that the issue was related to language as opposed to actual legislation.

‘Election collusion’ might not technically be a crime, but conspiracy is.

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