9 of the most bizarre and shocking things Trump has done just this week alone

9 of the most bizarre and shocking things Trump has done just this week alone

Donald Trump has had plenty of surreal and outrageous weeks since he became president in 2017 but the one he has endured this week might well be one of his worst.

Whether he was fending off accusations of racism to holding not one but two 'undemocratic' campaign rallies at the White House, it's been a week for the books for Trump, who is still trying his best to avoid the major problems that coronavirus is causing his country, with Florida alone now topping more than 300,000 cases.

Right now, that doesn't seem like too big an issue for the president who has an election to fight, where he is currently underperforming in the polls against Joe Biden and he's doing everything in his power to make sure he is still in the White House by this time next year.

Trump might want to work on his PR though because based on his rap sheet from this week, he's got a lot of work to do.

Here are some of the more outrageous things he's done in the past week alone.

Claimed more white people are killed by the police than Black people

Where to start with this one...

During an interview with CBS on Tuesday, Trump was, fairly, asked by reporter Catherine Herridge why African-Americans are still dying at the hands of police despite the protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

Seemingly appalled at this thought, Trump fired back calling it a 'terrible question' and added, without evidence, that on average more white people are killed by the police than black people

Repeatedly saying 'freedom of speech' while trying to defend people who display the Confederate flag

In the exact same interview, Trump was asked about people who still choose to display the controversial Confederate flag in 2020 due to its association with the pro-slavery southern states during the Civil War.

In 2015, Trump had said that the flags should be put in a museum but now he sees it as a form of 'freedom of speech' – so much so that he wanted to repeat the line seven times in less than a minute.

Held a press conference at the White House which turned into essentially an unplanned campaign rally

Also on Tuesday, Trump was due to hold a press conference about the new sanctions that the US has imposed upon China after they introduced new policies regarding Hong Kong.

He did address this but not for long and soon went off on a completely unhinged tangent, aiming all sorts of jibes at Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and the European Union, which he claimed was set up to "take advantage of the United States."

Perhaps the best moment was when he called the popular member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "not talented in many ways" only for her to fire back with the list of accomplishments she has achieved at 30 years of age, which is impressive compared to Trump's accolades.

Warning people to not vote for Joe Biden because TV ratings will plummet

We all know that US elections can be decided on all manner of things, many of which have almost nothing to do with policies, but claiming that people shouldn't vote for the former vice-president because TV ratings won't be as high is a bit of a stretch.

Not wearing a mask

During a trip to Atlanta, Georgia the president was accused of "breaking the law" just moments after he had stepped off Air Force One by the mayor of the city.

The reason? He wasn't wearing a face mask, which is required in public places within the city thanks a new law introduced by mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

However, Bottoms said that the only citation that she would be giving to the president was one to "return to Washington".

Promoting Goya food products in the Oval Office

Using the presidency to promote products is a big ethical no-no for anyone associated with the commander in chief himself.

That's why Ivanka Trump felt the full force of the internet for posting a picture of herself holding a can of beans from Goya Foods after the public threatened to boycott the company because their CEO showered Trump with praise after attending an event at the White House last week.

Surely, Trump wouldn't do the same? Well, think again.

Just a day after Ivanka's photo, Trump shared a picture on his Instagram account of him at the Oval Office desk with a bunch of Goya Food items in front of him.

The picture caused a lot of uproar, especially as there are much bigger issues in America at the moment. CNN's Anderson Cooper called in 'grotesque' while Chris Cuomo delivered an unprecedented rant on the president.

Sacking his campaign manager four months before an election

With the 2020 election looming on the horizon, Trump did the logical thing and sacked his campaign manager Brad Parscale and replaced him with Bill Stepien.

Parscale had been in the role since 2018 but Trump had reportedly begun to sideline him in recent weeks, especially as he was the man deemed to be behind the poor crowd attendance at the Tulsa rally in June.

This one might sound ridiculous but it actually might improve Trump's chances in November's election as he can hardly do a lot worse, with polls currently placing the president an average of 9.1 percentage points behind Biden.

Accused of using racist and antisemitic language by his own niece

Mary Trump's eye-opening book about her uncle has already become a bestseller. It revealed several shocking stories about Trump's formative years and his family.

As part of her promotional campaign for the book, Trump has given several interviews where she confirmed that she has heard the current president use both the N-word and antisemitic slurs, which she claims was a "perfectly commonplace and ordinary" thing to hear amongst the older members of the Trump family when she was younger.

Holding another impromptu campaign rally, this time featuring trucks with large weights on them

Of all the weird stunts that Trump has pulled as the president, this may very well be the strangest.

In a completely unpredictable event that was supposed to be about the lifting of regulations on appliances such as dishwashers and showers, Trump wildly veered from one subject to the next, from talking about his hair to claiming that Biden wants to "destroy the suburbs".

However, the eyesore behind him was a red and blue truck, which both had weights on them, symbolising the regulations that his administration had just lifted. This might just be the most bonkers thing he has ever done (in fairness, he did admit that he didn't know who in his team had thought of it).

We'd love to tell you this was a prop from Saturday Night Live but it is sadly very, very real.

We can only imagine what the likes of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington would be thinking right now.

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