21 of the most scathing comebacks to Trump's 'grotesque' promotion of Goya Foods

21 of the most scathing comebacks to Trump's 'grotesque' promotion of Goya Foods

Donald Trump is being widely mocked on social media after he posed with a selection of Goya food products just a day after his daughter Ivanka had done the same.

The president posted a picture of himself at his desk in the Oval Office with an arrangement of items from the Hispanic company, whose CEO Robert Unanue, showered unreserved praise on Trump during an event at the White House last week.

This has lead to a boycott of Goya products but it appears that the Trumps are willing to back the company in return, even if it means that they might be breaking ethics rules.

Although Trump's Instagram post did not come complete with his usual rant, it did send out a message that at the moment, while millions of people in his country attempt to overcome coronavirus the president is more concerned with who is supporting him in the build-up to November's election.

The condemnation of Trump's stunt was swift and unforgiving, with CNN's Anderson Cooper branding the picture of the 'so-called war time president' as 'grotesque.'

Chris Cuomo, also of CNN, was as equally furious.

Mary Trump, who has written a shocking expose about her uncle in a tell-all book which the president tried to have banned, wasn't as harsh but did post a picture of a single can of black beans in her response.

Others noted that under any other administration this would be seen as a major scandal but it's just another day in the sordid history of Trump's White House.

Many echoed Cooper's words in that at a time of crisis the president used his platform for his own personal gain rather than using to show an act of unity and defiance after more than 130,000 people in his country have died.

There was also plenty of photoshops, to further emphasise just how badly this photo came across in the grand scheme of things.

Also, do the Trumps actually like this type of food or is it just for their own advantage?

We doubt we'll hear Trump say something like 'let them eat beans' but at this stage we can't rule anything out...

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