Trump criticised after claiming people shouldn't vote for Biden because TV ratings will fall

JONATHAN ERNST/Reuters/Kevin Lamarque/ Reuters

In further proof that Donald Trump only really cares about what people think of him, he believes that if Joe Biden becomes president then 'ratings will go down.'

Trump posted a tweet on Monday, which shared a video from his social media aide, which poked fun at Biden but in a bizarre attempt to criticise his Democratic opponent, Trump lamented that Biden wouldn't be as big of television ratings draw that he has been.

In a way, Trump is probably right as Biden doesn't attract as many headlines as the current president but that's mostly because he doesn't go off on bizarre rants nor does he host ill-advised rallies during the middle of a pandemic. Even if Trump is correct, why does he believe that a president's success should be based on how many people are watching them on television?

Needless to say, the president was dragged for making such an unusual claim with many saying 'yes, we want a president that isn't obsessed with getting himself on television every hour of the day.'

Four years into his presidency it is still deeply concerning that one of Trump's primary concerns is television ratings and if people are watching him or not.

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