Trump slammed for repeatedly wishing Kim Jong-Un well during another unpredictable press conference

Trump slammed for repeatedly wishing Kim Jong-Un well during another unpredictable press conference

President Trump is known for his strange affection for leaders with, shall we say, "dictatorial tendencies".

Vladimir Putin, for instance, seems to get a lot more praise of Trump than the leaders of Germany or Canada, who are supposed to be US allies. The same can be said for “strong men” like Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, who he also likes.

But his seemingly close bond with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is perhaps his most unusual friendship.

Even before Trump was elected, he was busy praising the North Korean leader for suppressing his political enemies. “You gotta give him credit”, he said in 2016. Since taking office, Trump has frequently talked up his friendship with the leader, even exchanging letters and talking himself up as a peacekeeper.

Today Trump was asked about Jong-Un's health, which is reportedly deteriorating. He took the opportunity to repeatedly wish him well.

I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong-Un… And I’d like to see him be well, we’ll see how he does.

Trump spoke about Jong-Un twice in his most recent press briefing. After sending his best wishes, he accused former US leaders of trying to start a war with North Korea and suggested that if someone else had been elected in 2016 then America would be at war with the nation.

Judging by the warm tone at which Trump spoke about the communist leader you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re lifelong friends.

In fact, people pointed out that Trump seems more concerned about the health of Kim Jong-Un (who has a long and troubling human rights record) than he was about the health of the late senator John McCain.

He also didn’t seem too concerned when he found out that senator Mitt Romney was quarantining with coronavirus symptoms.

Needless to say, Trump’s concern for the North Korean leader didn’t go down too well in some quarters.

It's just another day aboard the Trump train that no one's allowed to get off.

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