Ranking all of Trump's dance moves, from the bad to the downright awful

Ranking all of Trump's dance moves, from the bad to the downright awful

A bizarre and quite honestly disturbing trend has emerged in the last few weeks, which involves Donald Trump dancing to YMCA at his rallies.

How this flamboyant disco anthem became a staple of Trump's controversy-laden rallies, which he is now doing on a daily basis, is a little beyond us, although as RTE reports it could be because the song was played at anti-lockdown protests in the US earlier this year.

Trump has been known to have the song on a playlist at various rallies and conferences throughout his time in office but it has only been in the past few weeks that he has started to show us his very particular dance which even Strictly would think twice about broadcasting.

That being said, the song and the dancing have been going down a treat with the MAGA faithful, when, to be honest, in a pandemic where he has overseen more deaths than any other nation in the world, it's the last thing he should be doing.

This whole thing looks to have started at a rally on 13 October in Florida and has continued since then, although he isn't getting any better. To prove this we've decided to rank all of his rally dance moves from the bad to the downright shocking.

1. The one with the knees

Shockingly, this was probably the best one. He's got the arm and knee movement in sync and genuinely seems to be enjoying it. Big Dad-dancing at a wedding vibe.

2. The one that went viral

This particular video has become a viral meme with people making Trump dance to various different songs, the worst of all being Baby Shark but with the lyrics changed to 'Baby Trump.'

At least Ivanka is enjoying it, even if the memes are mocking her father.

3. The one with the jazz hands

This one is bordering on 'pretty good' as he actually brings in some variety with the jazz hands.

However, it is made worse by the fact that he was shown up by his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who did the actual moves to YMCA just moments later.

4. The one with the weird wobble

This one isn't too bad (yes, we're only at number four on this list and we're already using 'not too bad'). He has a smile on his face and does a weird little wobble before bringing the arms into play.

5. The one where he's just not that into it

At this point, it appeared that Trump's dancing was here to stay and he already looks bored.

6. The one where he was even less into it

Shockingly, this one was on exactly the same day as the one above and looks to have lost all enthusiasm.

7. The 'yikes' one

After a couple of days of this, we have to wonder if Trump is actually trying to dance or does he have a weird itch.

8. The one that's just fist pumps

I mean, at least he was able to get some sort of rhythm going.

9. The one that's barely a dance

We're not even sure if we can call this dancing...

None of these are anywhere near as good as his boogie on Saturday Night Live in 2015. Is five years all it takes for one man to lose all of his ability to dance?

Still, elections are judged on a politicians ability to dance but if it was we think Kamala Harris would win in a landslide.

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