Outrage as Trump supporters tell men to 'make their wives' vote for Trump

Outrage as Trump supporters tell men to 'make their wives' vote for Trump
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Trump has repeatedly encouraged his supporters to vote for him twice.

Despite scaremongering about mail-in ballot fraud, it is actually the president who has appeared to endorse illegal voting.

And it seems some of his supporters have actually figured out a way to do it. But rather than ignoring the law of the land, they're just ignoring a century of women's suffrage.

Yes, it's 2020 and male Trump supporters are telling their wives how to vote.

Jesse Sumpter, a Christian blogger, followed up his "friendly reminder" with a blog post.

In it, he explained why it's important women vote for the same candidate as their husbands. (It's simple, really. It's so men don't feel left out at parties.)

Run the scenario: you, as the husband, vote third party and your wife votes for Trump. At the next get together, people are talking about who they voted for. You say third party and your wife says Trump. All eyes turn to her and ask her: “Why did you vote for Trump? Defend that position.” And there you are, as the guy, left to drink punch alone in the corner, while your wife tries to fend off the accusations.

Other men also bragged that their wives vote the same way they do.

Some women said that they "couldn't believe" such sexist attitudes still exist.

But unfortunately, it appears it's all too common.

And others called out the "disturbing" misogyny.

Voter intimidation and coercion are illegal in the United States.

And the idea that women should submit to their husband's will and follow his decision is dangerously outdated. Not that it should ever have been acceptable in the first place.

The 2020 US presidential election might just be the most crucial in our lifetime. Everyone who is eligible should vote for a better future – not in line with what their husband happens to think.

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