Trump supporter files bizarre election lawsuit comparing America to fictional Lord of the Rings kingdom

Trump supporter files bizarre election lawsuit comparing America to fictional Lord of the Rings kingdom

The Trump administration and its supporters have lost dozens of lawsuits that were filed immediately after the election, but this one might be the strangest of them all.

A devout Trump supporter has filed a lawsuit in Texas on account of baseless allegations of voter fraud. That’s par for the course at this point, but what makes this case even more absurd is that it cites Lord of the Rings as evidence.

The lawsuit states that “Gondor has no King”, a reference to the realm in JRR Tolkien’s fantasy book series and the “rightful king” that abandoned its throne, suggesting that Trump is the true leader of the US.

A footnote in the lawsuit gives an explanation of the story and its relevance to the case. “This analogy is applicable since there is now in Washington, DC, a group of individuals calling themselves the President, Vice President, and Congress who have no rightful claim to govern the American People,” the footnote reads.

The lawsuit was filed by Paul Davis, a Texas attorney who was fired from his job after participating in the Capitol riots and boasting about it on social media.

The 54-page document also makes several other bizarre demands, such as a request to ban every member of the House and Senate and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from ever engaging in politics again.

According to Salon, Davis also filed a memo asking the court to issue "some sort of restraining order" against Biden and all members of Congress.

Other notable highlights in the lawsuit are Davis’ signature, which states his former job which was “terminated after peacefully protesting”, and the ridiculously long list of defendants including “all members of the 117th US Congress”. You’d think congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would fall under this umbrella, but she is also specifically named as a defendant in the case.

Legal experts have condemned the lawsuit for its absurdity.

"One might try to chuckle at this lawsuit but it is an abuse of the court and the judicial process," election law expert Rick Hasen told Salon. "The lawyers should face sanctions and punishment for filing such a frivolous and ridiculous lawsuit."

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